My Services

Starter Package

My Starter Plan will build the foundation for your healing journey. We'll analyze your history, your health goals and your food sensitivity test results. From there, we’ll chart a no-stress course for your success.


  • 60-minute Initial Assessment Call
  • Two Follow-up Calls
  • Email Support (3x/wk)

What Will it Look Like to Solve it with Food?

When you decide to work with me, your first step will be to take the MRT food sensitivity test. This blood test will give us a detailed picture of how your body reacts to food; not just the problem foods, but also those that make your body hum.

From there, we’ll meet to review your health history and test results. Many clients find this step to be a huge relief. You know the problem is not in your head, but it feels so good to finally have solid proof and a way forward.

Once we’re clear on where you’ve been and where you want to go, we plan the first steps of your new healing diet. This is where my experience really goes to work for you. I design a custom eating solution that will:

  • phase in at a manageable pace,
  • remove incompatible foods,
  • support your nutritional needs,
  • let you fully enjoy all of the wonderful foods that do work for you,
  • and get you feeling better than ever!

Depending on our plan, over the following weeks we’ll phase in your diet, get you stabilized, and then refine and adjust. You’ll get follow-up sessions, email support, custom recipes, shopping suggestions, and time to discuss your concerns. Best of all, we’ll be celebrating your progress. Most of my clients see a 50% reduction in symptoms in the first 2 weeks, and are significantly better in just 8 weeks!